11 February

The Highest Realization Is That

Everything is happening according to God's Will. Everything. God is behind everything. We are all puppets. He pulls a string, I raise my hand this way; another string, I raise my hand another way. He drops the string, my arm drops.

So we are all puppets. If we realize that, why should we worry about the role we are playing? If He wants you to play that part, play it. No part is big or small. Only by knowing this truth can you become great. It is immaterial where you are what you are doing.

The great saint Thaimanuvar said, "Don't worry about which is better, monastic life or householder life. Both are equally good if only you know one secret. What is that secret? We are all tops. There is one Player. He simply winds the string around and pulls it, and then we spin. Depending on how tightly the rope is wound and how fast He plays, you rotate for a while and then you fall down."

It's not how you present yourself, what you call yourself, what you do for a job that's important. The most important thing is: Do you know that you are nothing but a top and that at any moment your swinging could stop? The highest realization is that. Know that every minute that great Presence is in you, functioning through you, and you are nothing but an instrument.

Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi